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Strategic Advisory Services

With over 60 years of industry experience clocked up via our network of highly experienced independent consultants (which network is forever expanding), we understand what it really takes to deliver a successful strategy

  • Strategic consulting
  • Analysis of competitors and the market
  • Analysis of the company’s internal processes and areas
  • Development strategy and implementation plan


Whilst not our principle focus, due to the extensive network of contacts we often provide assistance with Senior Executive Placement, typically alongside or as part of execution of Strategic Initiatives, as well as bespoke requests


Recent years have seen record M&A activity, largely reflecting the maturity of the market. The B2B sector has for the most part experienced steady growth in recent years, remaining an attractive proposition to outside investors. The major market forces shaping the industry are clearly regulation, responsible gaming and player protection. Most M&A transactions fit in to one of these buckets. COVID-19 now offers a very different landscape but a potentially very exciting one with respect to potential M&A

  • Transaction advisory
  • Analysis of potential goals and their selection
  • Analysis of the market and competitors
  • Due diligence, including legal and tax
  • Liaising with the clients’ advisers (or recommending advisers) for drafting of relevant legal and tax documents
  • Negotiation strategy and assisting with negotiations
  • Strategy and merger plan, and development strategy
  • Interim management

Regulatory Advisory

Operators in the e-gaming industry are facing an increasingly stringent and localised global regulatory environment. This makes multi-jurisdictional management of technical and licensing compliance to the latest regional regulations more and more complex

  • Regulatory and compliance frameworks
  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Assistance with the negotiation and/or “auditing” of licensing agreements
  • Compliance structure and strategic review/report
  • Managing the ongoing certification and compliance of the businesses content, services and systems
  • Improving business practices with regard to commercial and regulatory developments
  • Advising on the preparation and management of internal corporate and IT policies
  • Ensuring appropriate levels of due diligence and document management for third parties
  • Coordinating and managing technical and compliance audits with third parties
  • Liaison with third parties on issues of content, services and systems certification

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets provide an enormous opportunity for businesses in the gaming industry as core regions become even more competitive. With experience advising and running businesses worldwide, Cosmic Cloud has developed an international network of contacts to help deliver success in a number of key online gaming regulated regions, across all facets of the business


At the heart of a great brand is a great product. Because of the high risk of failure and relentless competition it’s vital to know why effective product development is key to a winning strategy. Our in-house team has extensive knowledge of product development and distribution

  • Product Consulting 
  • Analysis of the Product Portfolio
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Strategy and Implementation 
  • Game Development and Distribution 
  • Software Product Development 
  • Distribution and Resale
  • Localization and Region-Specific Targeting

Special Focus

In addition to those mentioned above we also specialize in solutions to the following:

  • Acquisition or Start-up of Game Development Studio’s 
  • 3rd Party Game Developers for Bespoke Game offerings 
  • Live Game Studios (Start up or Exclusive Streaming from existing studios)
  • Hosting and Cloud Based Network Services 
  • IT Infrastructure 

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